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The Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority is preparing to introduce new plans for investing in industrial plots in Kharkhoda along the Yamuna Expressway. This includes investment options for industrial land and may include offerings for entrepreneurs and residential lands.
These residential plots are cheaper in price in comparison with Delhi and it is near Delhi with no pollution area. People are feeling much safer in terms of the environment and so are moving to these areas. Best Propery Dealer In Kharkhoda Sonipat For plot, house, & commercial Kharkhoda is not only rich in housing and industrial plots but also available with warehouses for rent to store your housing and business stuff.

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    One can invest in Kharkhoda and grow their business at a rapid pace

    The properties in Kharkhoda industrial area are perfectly suited for emporiums, exhibitions, factories, agriculture, and warehouses, among other things.

    • Security is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
    • Availability of water
    • Availability of gas
    • Two-sided wide road with ample parking
    • draining of stormwater
    • street lights, 7. sewage/ effluent conveyance, and 8. wastewater treatment plant
    • management of solid waste
    • Maintenance of green/open areas
    properties in Kharkhoda industrial area

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    Where is Kharkhoda located?

    It is located 16 miles west of Rohtak, a neighboring city. The distance from Kharkhoda to Sonipat is 19 kilometers. It has an elected municipal body in charge of the town's municipal administration, which also houses the tehsil of Kharkhoda's headquarters. Many investors are looking for industrial, commercial and housing land. There are various lands for sale in kharkhoda available here.

    IMT Kharkhoda is located near the KMP Expressway on the Delhi-Haryana border (Kundli Manesar Palwal). Kharkhoda Industrial Area will have a large future potential for industrial development in Haryana due to its proximity to Delhi and direct connectivity with Bahadurgarh, Gurgaon, and Sonipat via the KMP Expressway. The upcoming Haryana Orbital Rail Corridor would also connect IMT Kharkhoda to surrounding industrial zones in Delhi NCR, providing seamless rail access.

    What are the various Sizes of Kharkhoda lands?

    The Kharkhoda Industrial area covers around 3217 acres, and development will begin soon. In Kharkhoda, there are a total of 4348 industrial land for sale in kharkhoda haryana, with 2965 plots in the general category and 1383 plots in the R & R category. The allotment rate starts from 11000 in IMT Kharkhoda. The plots are available easily by industrial property brokers and kharkhoda property dealers will help in finalizing the deal.

    Apart from these plots, here kharkhoda property dealers also deal in agriculture land for sale in kharkhoda haryana, Shop for sale in kharkhoda, house for sale in kharkhoda, sonipat. The plot sizes in IMT Kharkhoda range from 450 square metres to four acres. Kharkhoda's Industrial Model Township will be well-planned, with Industrial, Commercial, Institutional, and Housing Areas in attractive kharkhoda property rates.

    In the New Delhi NCR region, the Haryana government (HSIIDC) is establishing an Industrial Model Township near Kharkhoda. It will be built along the lines of the IMT Manesar.

    The Haryana government is considering a petition submitted by a landowner who claims that his property was not distributed by HSIIDC under the land pooling plan in IMT Kharkhoda. The plots in Kharkhoda were allowed and converted to industrial plots under the 2010 Land Acquisition Policy.

    circle rate in kharkhoda

    property Type per square feet Charges
    Residential land / Plot in Kharkhoda Rs. 15,500-40,000
    kharkhoda industrial plot rate Rs. 25,000-74,000
    Normal House Rent Rs. 2,500-24,500

    kharkhoda property rates and Infrastructure

    Kharkhoda industrial plots prices are totally dependent on the size and requirement of the plots. If you are looking for a housing plot there is a different rate where the price of an industrial plot is different as it has high demand and is totally used for business purposes.

    Infrastructure of kharkhoda industrial plot for sale

  • Power provides a demand of 500 megawatts (MW) for the project, which can be met by the state electricity board.
  • The new town has a number of structures that require a lot of power.
  • The new traditional power supply for IMT kharkhoda will be two circuit 220kv power supply from two completely different four hundred potential unit substations of the Bharat state grid.
  • As a backup, the administrative district will have a second line.
  • Water: Water demand at IMT's kharkhoda project is 87 m3, with a fresh demand of thirty m3.

  • Water will be supplied from the western Yamuna canal.
  • Water treatment to remove effluents of 56.999 MLD will be used for gardening and waste management.
  • Waste Management: Solid waste management will be carried out anywhere there will be systematic water. There will be three bus depots located at the rail station. Each bus depot will have a shared space of 5000 money supply.

  • The garbage will be managed on site and will be able to be reused or shipped for recycling. For assortment, a compact motorised vehicle will be utilised, with a service radius of no more than 2 kilometres.
  • The composite's manure will be repurposed for soil development and the creation of new regions.

    Frequently Asked Questions for property dealers in kharkhoda

    In which part of Kharkhoda is IMT Kharkhoda Plot located?

    In the vicinity of the Auchandi border, IMT Kharkhoda lies on the border of Delhi.

    What are the dimensions of the economical plots available in IMT Kharkhoda?

    Approximately 4046.68 acres are available in Sonipat, Haryana at IMT Kharkhoda.

    Which organization in Kharkhoda is responsible for industrial development?

    The Haryana government controls HSIIDC, which is a public company. IMT Kharkhoda is owned by HSIIDC.

    In Kharkhoda, which space is most popular among industrialists?

    IMT kharkhoda is considered to be the most popular industrial plot in the city.

    How large are the plots in kharkhoda?

    A total of 3306 acres are available for development where development has not yet begun. IMT Kharkhoda plots range in size from 450 square meters.

    Why should one invest in Kharkhoda plots?

    The land quality is excellent for industrial growth;

  • the climate is favorable for commercial development; and
  • The site is exceptionally suitable for planned construction placement.
  • The Kharkhoda Development Setup has been proposed by Haryana (2008 to 2021)
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